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Merry Xmas!  The new CONCAVE record is here!  “Time Is The Fire In Which We Burn” is arguably multi-instrumentalist James Findlay’s best work to date featuring heavier riffs and a more cohesive sound set than it’s predecessor, 2011’s “History Is The Future”.


The Silhouette Era have announced their January 2014 California tour dates, check them out on the Shows page!


The Kickstarter campaign for the new Concave record funded successfully!

“Time Is The Fire In Which We Burn” will be released on December 3rd.

Exciting Monterey show this Saturday when Lesbian (Seattle) and Grayceon (S.F.) invade the Blue Fin.  Oscillator artists Landmasses and Granted Earth open in support.  See the Shows page for details.


Updates, damnit!  Gimmie updates!

Because we here at Oscillator are a bunch of dead beat daddies we should let you know about the currently running Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the next Concave record! Check it out HERE!

This Saturday caps a run of 3 straight Saturdays of Oscillator artists playing  around Monterey.  Busy busy.  Check out the Shows page.

The newest band in the Oscillator fold Landmasses was in the studio last month and we’ll be seeing some material out from them soon!


Congratulations to Jon and Rebecca Ugale of Granted Earth on the safe arrival of their newborn daughter Emma Jane!


Oscillator is honored to be mentioned in the liner notes of the new Turn Me On Dead Man record “We Are The Star People” out now on Alternative Tentacles.  Check it out!

Concave is nearly finished with tracking and editing and will soon move into mixing!  The record will be called “Time Is The Fire In Which We Burn”.


Oh man!  Time REALLY DOES fly.  Only one news entry last year, wtf!

The Silhouette Era’s “Movments” has been released on Vinyl and digital download!  Check out the links above.

Concave is currently in the studio recording the followup to 2011’s “History Is The Future”.


Oh man!  Time flies.  Been checked out for awhile! Stoked to bring the reincarnated Monterey indie rock band The Silhouette Era into the Oscillator fold!  There is a new record with a planned vinyl release coming soon.

Well, there was a Concave live show on August 25th and James has been working on new material and hopes to record before the end of the year.  Check out this fantastic review on Hellride: Hellride.com review of History Is The Future and local rag Monterey County Weekly’s feature article: One-Man Jam


Excited to announce that we now have the privilege of throwing our weight (or lack thereof) behind Monterey’s Fuck, I’m A Ghost! San Diego based label Future Recordings is their home.


Razorhoof are fresh off of a self-imposed mental health respite and will be sharing the stage with the almighty KYLESA on Tues 9/6 in Santa Cruz at the Catalyst.  From there they go on the road for a short southwest stint from 9/20-9/25 with Seattle homies Smooth Sailing, look for them in Las Vegas, Tucson, San Diego and Ventura.

ALSO:  check out this awesome article about Granted Earth on the SludgeLord blog:

“Granted Earth - band to check out” @ SludgeLord




Maximum Rock N Roll – September 2011 - #340

Record Reviews:

Boar Hunter / Razorhoof – split LP

I had only heard about RAZORHOOF before cracking this open and was impressed by their heavy stoner riffs that sounded like they could break into a melodic punk rock anthem with only a nudge. They actually kinda do just that with the last song on their side “Melharsher”. Vocals remind me a lot of Buzzo from the MELVINS but the lyrics are quite a bit more of a downer.

The BOAR HUNTER side is epic as well. The band features members of UZI SUICIDE, SAROS and APEFACE playing catchy but crusty hardcore. The guitars are melodic as hell but there is an ugly undercurrent to the band’s sound that the singer exploits with his raw-throated crust vocals, giving it a WRATHCOBRA sound. Killer split. (BL – Brad Lambert)

(Vinehell / Oscillator)


COMING SOON - Volume 1 compilation of Oscillator artists for free download or

free on CD direct from the bands and local shops in Monterey


We welcome The Black Lodge to the roster!!  Check em out:



NEW!!! Granted Earth!!!  The EP “Nomad” will be available March 18th


This coming week: Tues. 1.11.11 Concave.......... Thurs. 1.13.11 Razorhoof/Boarhunter split 12" vinyl


UPCOMING RELEASES!! Happy Holidays internet land...

The new
Concave record "History Is The Future" is near completion and will be available for “name your own price” digital download within the next month, watch for an announcement when it becomes available.

Razorhoof / Boar Hunter split 12" vinyl LP will be available at the first of 3 release shows on January 13th!! This record is epic!


Happy Halloween!!

Dates will soon be announced for the release of two exciting new albums on Oscillator Records!!  The long overdue 2nd CONCAVE album, “History Is The Future” (cat. # OCR008) and our first vinyl release with a massive 12” full length split between San Jose’s BOAR HUNTER and our own RAZORHOOF (cat. # OCR009)


The folks over at the Chybucca Sounds website has done a nice review of Granted Earth’s new full length “Thermal Tide”!!  Click here to view it.


Razorhoof will be in the studio mid August, once again with Kowloon Walled City front man and recordist Scott Evans, to do 3-4 tracks in preparation for a 7” split with Tucson’s own bastard sons Long Live The Smoking Gun.