Seaside, California’s INTIMATE STARES produce bombastic, heavy, punk-tinged noise rock that is uncommon to the Monterey area and challenges it’s sleepy aesthetic and boujee reputation.  Championing the sound and feel of heroes like Shiner, Red Fang, Archers Of Loaf, Hum, Dinosaur Jr and Polvo….. IS proudly makes crucial sound for the masses.


Featuring current and former members of The Silhouette Era, Razorhoof, Beezle and The Bad Light…….. 3 friends quickly found common ground in early 2019 and began forging a path backed by a litany of powerful rock based influences.  James Findlay (drummer of San Francisco’s The Silhouette Era) steps up, guitar in hand, to the microphone for the first time expanding on over a decade of writing and recording as his heavy instrumental post rock project Concave.  IS features veteran musicians Henry Leinen on bass and CJ Prough on drums.

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